SURE JAN: Trump Invents Approval Rating Of 59%

The Washington Post reports:

In an interview with “Bernie and Sid in the Morning” on WABC radio, Trump listened modestly as his hosts showered obsequious praise on him for heroically making America great in the face of unremitting hate from the media.

“A poll just came out now, Rasmussen, it’s now 51,” Trump said. “They say that it’s 51 but add another 7 or 8 points to it. … They don’t want to talk about it, but when they get into the booth they’re going to vote for Trump.”

Steve Benen tees off at The Maddow Blog:

First, Rasmussen’s latest report puts Trump’s approval rating at 47%, not 51%. But even putting that aside, Rasmussen’s data remains an outlier, and most of the major polling outlets put the president’s current support quite a bit lower. The average currently stands at about 40%.

Second, this entire subject is one Trump should avoid. At this point in his presidency, Trump is the least popular president since the dawn of modern American polling. With this in mind, the smart move would be for him to subtly steer conversations away from polls, pretending to be principally concerned with governing, not the ebbs and flows of day-to-day political noise. Instead, Trump seems determined to keep the focus on one of the more notable embarrassments of his presidency.

Third, Trump is ignoring inconvenient data, and then arbitrarily adding “7 or 8 points” to outliers, just because he has a hunch this is a legitimate thing to do. Even for this president, that’s pretty nutty. It’s certainly not what “very stable geniuses” do in response to evidence.