Bryan Fischer Celebrates Firing Of US House Chaplain, Falsely Claims Jesuit Priest Is Openly Gay And Married

American Family Association spokes-bigot Bryan Fischer is thrilled that Paul Ryan fired the US House chaplain, claiming that the Jesuit priest is openly gay and married to a man. Fischer, shockingly, is wrong on both counts.

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

“Here is a good news item for the day,” Fischer declared. “He is an out gay man, he’s married to a man—quote, end quote—so it was a shameful move to the put this guy in charge of the chaplaincy of the House in the first place.”

“This is a great win,” Fischer continued. “He’s pro-gay, he’s a homosexual guy that’s married to a homosexual guy. Big win, because Paul Ryan is not going to replace him with somebody who is going to have that kind of a left-leaning tilt. This is good news for the agenda of morality, especially sexual normalcy in the United States.”

As Kyle notes, Fischer is misreading an article from the far-right LifeSiteNews which includes a quote from Rep. Sean Maloney, which the site identifies as an “out gay man ‘married’ to a man.”