TEXAS: State Officials Investigate Notary For Failing To Properly Validate Stormy’s Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Texas officials are investigating whether a Dallas-area notary properly signed off on Stormy Daniels’ agreement to stay quiet about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump. The notary issue is the latest in a string of curiosities surrounding the murky deal involving Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen and the adult-film actress, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. Daniels sued Trump last week in California claiming the pact is invalid because Trump never signed it.

A notary in Forney, where Daniels lives, did not sign and date the 2016 agreement, which was finalized a few days before the presidential election. She also did not provide a certificate reflecting whose signature she was witnessing, according to the Texas Secretary of State. Texas law requires that notaries not only stamp documents, but sign and date them. They also must provide a certificate reflecting that they verified the identity of the signer or signers.