REPORT: John Kelly Unimpressed With Nunes Memo

The Washington Post reports:

The president did not actually see the memo — written by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Nunes’s staff — until Wednesday afternoon, following the committee’s Monday vote to initiate its release, officials said. White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly marched the document into the Oval Office so that he and Trump could briefly discuss it before the president’s meeting with regional reporters.

The president was then left alone to read the memo in its entirety. A White House official said Kelly returned a few hours later and shared with the president his opinion: that releasing the memo would not risk national security but that the document was not as compelling as some of its advocates had promised Trump.

The memo alleges that the FBI used bad information passed on from a dossier written by a former British spy, and that this information was later used to obtain a warrant to conduct surveillance on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, according to people familiar with the document.