“Secret Society” Text Makes For GOP Laughingstocks

The Hill reports:

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Thursday acknowledged that “it’s a real possibility” that a reference to a “secret society” in a text message exchange between two FBI officials was made in jest. The Wisconsin Republican told CNN and ABC News that it was possible that there is no “secret society” amid an uproar from GOP officials about the possible “deep state” cabal.

Johnson stoked speculation on Tuesday, when he claimed in an interview on Fox News that he had been in contact with a whistleblower with knowledge of “off-site” meetings between FBI and Justice Department officials. He acknowledged on Wednesday, however, that he did not know what had been said in the alleged meetings.

The words “secret society” have been in dozens of far-right headlines and trended in the Pizzagate-O-Sphere for days.