Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway: It’s Way Over The Line For Clapper To Say Trump Is Unfit [VIDEO]

Fox News reports:

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway slammed former national intelligence director James Clapper on Thursday for what she called his “absurd analysis” on President Trump’s fitness for office.

Clapper was one of numerous CNN pundits who tore into the president after his late-night rally speech in Phoenix on Tuesday. The Obama-era intel boss called the event “scary and disturbing.” On “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, Conway called his attack “way over the line.”

“It’s such an absurd analysis playing armchair psychiatrist, and it’s not just him, it’s a lot of people on TV,” Conway said. She cited the “parade of pundits” who are “conjecturing” about the president. Clapper, who is now a CNN national security analyst, had questioned Trump’s “fitness to be in this office.”