TOMORROW: Pro-Trump Group, Nazis, And Extremists To Stage Dozens Of Anti-Muslim Rallies [VIDEO]

The Daily Beast reports:

Donald Trump is Tinder for bigots. His campaign and presidency has helped countless bigots hook up with each other, and we will see another example of that this Saturday with anti-Muslim rallies scheduled in nearly 30 locations across America.

These rallies are organized by ACT for America!, an organization founded by Hanah Kahwagi, who goes by the alias of Brigitte Gabriel, and who has preached that practicing Muslims “cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.” As Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) spokesperson Heidi Beirich explained, “ACT for America is the nation’s largest anti-Muslim hate group.”

But ACT is now teaming up with Neo Nazis and white supremacists for these upcoming rallies. For example, Saturday’s rally in Arkansas “is being organized by well known Neo-Nazi Billy Roper,” Beirich noted.

More from Right Wing Watch:

In a video publicizing the marches, ACT founder Brigitte Gabriel tells supporters, “This is your chance to show the fake news media what you think of their open-borders zealotry, to show spineless D.C. politicians what you think of their P.C. pandering, to show President Trump that you stand behind his necessary travel ban from terror-ridden nations.”

Gabriel tells activists that this is their “chance to show lame-stream media and anti-American terrorist enablers like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU that we will not be silenced” and to tell “our enemies” that “[we] strongly stand behind our Second Amendment rights and [are] committed to stand behind our president to defeat you.”