Sandy Rios: Immigrants Don’t Know “Basic Hygiene”

American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios yesterday addressed an anti-immigrant hate group in Washington DC where she delivered some of her trademark Christian love. Safiyah Riddle reports at Right Wing Watch:

“Listen, I am being very impolitic here,” Rios admitted, “but, as a female I find that bathrooms have just become unbearable because I think the people coming in don’t know basic hygiene, don’t know how to handle modern amenities.”

Rios reported that these “unbearable” bathrooms are found in areas with high immigrant populations like “Washington, D.C., or if you’re in Dearborn, Michigan, or Orlando, Florida, or Los Angeles,” where “it’s often like a third-world country.” In these areas, Rios explained, “we see the changes, and we’re saying ‘no, we’ve got to control this, we’ve got to assimilate people, we’ve got to teach them all kinds of things in order to make this work.”

By contrast, Rios said, there are still parts of the country that “still look like America,” where “nothing has changed, English is heard, and things are running smoothly.”