Rand Paul: Health Insurance Should Be $1/Day [VIDEO]

The Washington Examiner reports:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said Friday morning he believes consumers should be able to buy health insurance for $1 per day. “What I’d like to do is legalize inexpensive insurance, and you should be able to get insurance for $1 a day. I mean, you really should,” Paul said in an interview on MSNBC. “The insurance companies make all the money — all of this is predicated upon still propping up the insurance companies.”

“I want the bill to look more like a repeal bill,” he said Friday morning. “I promised people I was going to repeal it. I didn’t promise people I was going to replace it with a federal program of bailing out insurance companies.” Paul also said that consumers should be involved more with healthcare providers, and pointed to the way people shop for Lasik eye surgery as proof that prices fall when consumers are more involved.