FRC: Send Us Money To Help Get Obergefell Overturned

Today is the second anniversary of the Obergefell ruling. Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

According to inside sources, President Trump may soon have another Supreme Court vacancy to fill. And it will make the last nomination fight look like a picnic. Even with the appointment of Justice Gorsuch, constitutional conservatives do not have a majority on America’s highest court. (If we did, same-sex marriage would not be the law of the land.)

So FRC has been working behind the scenes to help review prospective nominees and encourage President Trump to appoint another strong constitutional conservative in the mold of Neil Gorsuch. Getting another pro-life, pro-religious freedom Supreme Court justice is essential to protect faith, family, and freedom for your children and grandchildren. But liberal senators will work just as hard to block any such appointment.

For FRC to counter what promises to be virulent opposition to President Trump’s next nation-shaping appointment, we need to finish our fiscal year in strong financial shape. We need to raise $1.1 MILLION dollars by midnight, June 30, to reach our fundraising goal. In answer to our prayers, the Lord has called special friends of FRC to pledge a $300,000 Matching Challenge…to challenge fellow supporters like you to MULTIPLY that amount to help reach our June 30 goal.

Those opposed to religious freedom fully realize what’s at stake. Supreme Court justices are appointed for life. A conservative majority will spell disaster for their agenda to silence, marginalize, and even punish Christians who dare to live their faith. Left-wing politicians, D.C., Hollywood special interests, and others will do anything and everything-character assassination in the media…delay tactics…intimidation…and outright obstruction-to prevent a conservative nominee from being confirmed.

No organization in Washington has more expertise on the issues that matter to American Christians-and more national influence-than FRC. With your help, FRC will help see that America has a Supreme Court that will do right by Christians who have lost jobs and businesses for refusing to compromise their deeply held religious beliefs.

FRC is just four short days from closing the books on the year, and we still need to meet the $1.1 million goal. We have already heard from thousands of people just like you who want to change the course of our country today and for generations to come.

I hope and pray that I hear from you soon. Your tax-deductible gift today-especially combined with the $300,000 Matching Challenge- will help us reclaim America’s highest court from liberal domination. Please don’t delay. There is far too much at stake. Thank you so much for standing with us. Your financial and prayer support makes a BIG difference.