Activists Chase NOM’s Hate Bus Out Of Connecticut

NOM’s anti-trans hate bus tour across the northeast is continuing. Yesterday’s visit to New Haven, Connecticut concluded rather amusingly. From the New Haven Independent:

Police arrived at the scene, expecting to find protesters, according to Assistant Chief Otoniel Reyes, who oversees patrol. Instead, they saw only the bus. The driver asked the cops for an escort to the highway so it could head to its next stop in Philadelphia. Officers in two squad cars complied, leading the bus down Elm Street to State to Union Avenue, then over to the Sargent Drive I-95 entrance on Long Wharf.

Along the way, they noticed a big U-Haul truck behind the anti-LGBTQ bus. At first the cops figured the U-Haul was connected to the “Free Speech” bus. But the bus driver phoned the sergeant handling the escort, Wilfredo Cruz, to let him the U-Haul on its tail “is not with us,” Reyes said. In fact the U-Haul had a large tarp on its side with the message: “TRANSPHOBIA OUT OF CT.”

The Free Speech bus made it onto I-95, the U-Haul in hot pursuit. The cops phoned the state police to let them know the two-vehicle debate convoy was heading toward Fairfield County. And New Haven’s brush with the latest Divided America political drama came to an end.