Tony Perkins Denounces “Intolerant” Kellogg’s

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

There’s no sugar-coating the intolerance at Kellogg’s! Like a lot of corporate bullies, the cereal company bowled over shoppers with its decision to pull ads from media heavyweight Breitbart, because the outlet is supposedly too conservative for Kellogg’s taste. “We regularly work with our media-buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that are not aligned with our values as a company,” said Kellogg’s spokesman Kris Charles. “We recently reviewed the list of sites where our ads can be placed and decided to discontinue advertising on We are working to remove our ads from that site.” The parent company of brand favorites like Eggo, Pop Tarts, Pringles, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, and more is joining a few lesser known retailers in boycotting Breitbart — a decision that’s sure to rankle plenty of consumers.

“Kellogg’s decision to blacklist one of the largest conservative media outlets in America is economic censorship of mainstream conservative political discourse,” Breitbart fired back. “That is as un-American as it gets.” If recent history is any indication, it’s also as unwise as it gets. Insulting conservatives after the election hasn’t exactly improved business at GrubHub, Pepsi, Target, and Penzey’s Spices (whose CEO went so far as to call all Trump voters “racists” and asked shoppers to protest by donating to a group linked by a federal court to the first case of domestic terrorism in D.C.: Southern Poverty Law Center). But if they want to pick a public fight with Breitbart, a site with 19.2 million unique visitors a month, that’s their choice. What I don’t understand is why companies like Kellogg’s can choose where they operate, but Christians like Barronelle Stutzman can’t. I’m fine with a company declining to do business with conservatives. I’m not fine with the double standard created when Christian wedding vendors are prosecuted.