Trump Vows To Write $10M Check To Campaign After Report Reveals He’s Only Given $31K This Month

And that paltry $31K came in the form of “in kind” donations. Talking Points Memo reports:

For the past month, Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that he will personally contribute more than $100 million to his own campaign by Election Day, but now Trump will not commit to reaching that goal.

“We’ll see what’s needed,” Trump told Fox News’ Bret Baier when discussing whether he’s meet his pledge to spend $100 million of his own money in an interview set to air Friday evening.

Trump had been boasting that he would donate $100 million by the end of the election cycle. But according to FEC reports filed Thursday night, Trump only donated about $31,000 to his campaign in the first half of October, bringing his total contributions to a little over $56 million.

The most recent FEC filing covers through Oct. 19. So in the three weeks between then and the election, Trump will have to cough up somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 percent of the total he’s given for the whole campaign to reach his $100 million vow. Again, roughly $44 million in about three weeks.

Trump told Baier that he plans to write a $10 million check to his campaign on Friday, but that would still fall short of his lofty $100 million pledge.

Six times this month Trump told rally crowds that he will end up spending $100M of his own money on the campaign.