CZECH REPUBLIC: Russian Hacker Wanted For US Attacks Arrested In Joint Operation With FBI

Wikileaks connection? Reuters reports:

Czech police have detained a Russian man wanted in connection with hacking attacks on targets in the United States, the police said, without giving further details. The arrest was carried out in cooperation with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Czech police said on their website on Tuesday evening. Interpol had issued a so-called Red Notice for the man, seeking his arrest, they added. The Russian citizen was detained at a Prague hotel. Police said he collapsed and was hospitalized. Czech courts will decide whether he will be extradited, police said. A police spokesman declined to give further details on the arrest. It was not immediately clear what hacking attacks the Russian citizen was wanted for.

More from CBS News:

According to the statement, the Czech judiciary was considering extraditing the man to the U.S., but it was not immediately clear Wednesday morning whether the U.S. government had made a formal extradition request. The police said the man had been travelling with a woman in “a very expensive car” prior to his arrest, which they said came as a surprise to him. Video released by the police showed the man being taken into custody at a cafe or restaurant, in the company of a young woman. Subsequent video shows him being walked to a vehicle in handcuffs. Both video clips bear a date stamp of Oct. 5, 2016.