Bill Donohue: End STD Prevention Efforts Because Jesus

Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue argues that rising STD rates are proof that sex education and STD prevention efforts are a waste of time. Only Jesus can stop the clap. He writes:

Religious beliefs and practices have proven to be a better deterrent to STDs than education and technology. Yet we are doing nothing to husband the resources of faith communities to combat STDs. Instead, we distribute condoms and lecture on the wonders of “safe sex.” And then we scratch our heads every year when the STD rates get worse. We never learn.

Religion is not the enemy—it’s the answer. But religion scares the free spirits: they don’t want to be told to practice restraint, so they throw it to the wind, living a libertine lifestyle. Then they get sick.

We don’t need to spend a dime more on research. In fact, funding research on STD prevention only increases the likelihood that we will keep our heads in the sand. Money won’t cure a problem rooted in reckless behavior—only virtue will.