CNN Host Busts Corey Lewandowski As Reciting Talking Points From Leaked Trump Campaign Memo [VIDEO]

Raw Story reports:

CNN host Alisyn Camerota called out Corey Lewandowski on Thursday for repeating talking points from a leaked memo to Trump campaign staff. A memo obtained by CNN this week instructed official Trump campaign surrogates to hit Hillary Clinton harder, including attacks on her husband’s infidelities.

When Camerota pointed out new allegations on Thursday that Donald Trump violated the U.S. embargo on Cuba, Lewandowski used the strategy outlined in the campaign talking points to change the subject. “We don’t know it took place,” Lewandowski asserted. “There’s absolutely no facts whatsoever that this took place.”

“This is no different than a Secret Service agent giving a first hand account of what Hillary Clinton is actually like and then being discredited as saying, ‘Wow, this didn’t actually take place as a first-hand account.” “Talking point number 18 here in the talking point memo!” Camerota laughed, holding up the Trump campaign memo.