Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Prays For GOP “Jesus Man” President At NASCAR Invocation [VIDEO]

Screengrabber reports:

Unapologetic bigot Phil Robertson delivered the invocation before tonight’s NASCAR race in Texas, and it didn’t disappoint—if you were looking forward to the duck call industrialist to pray for “A Jesus man” to be elected president in November. That automatically excluded Hillary Clinton (who is not a man) and Bernie Sanders (who is not Christian) from consideration. (Robertson has endorsed Ted Cruz; NASCAR is pretty solidly pro-Trump.)

More from Fansided:

After Robertson’s invocation ended, many took to social media to bash what he said and speak out. However, don’t expect NASCAR to do much as much of the community lean similar to Robertson politically. Also, the Robertson family’s company is the sponsor of Saturday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway.

While many NASCAR fans may not like it, this prayer will get people talking about the sport. It may even cause others to tune into future pre-race prayers to see what else is said. The pastors or individual who prays usually says something more general. However, they aren’t usually a part of the race sponsor.

Robertson may have crossed a line, but NASCAR will probably not even say anything about what happened due to his family being the lead sponsor of Sunday’s race. Likewise, NASCAR officials most likely agree with what was said before the race.

(Via Christian Nightmares)