IRAN: New App Alerts Against Morality Police

A smartphone app just launched in Iran allows the user to alert others if the morality policy are nearby. France 24 reports:

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the morality police, a unit of the National Police, are charged with insuring that Iranian citizens comply with so-called Islamic law.

For example, morality officers have to make sure that women wear their veil correctly. If they see a young man and woman walking together, they can stop them and ask if they are married or from the same family. If the morality police suspect that they are an unmarried couple, they can reprimand them.

The new app is meant for young Iranians, especially young women who wear their veil loosely, pushed far back on their heads and showing their hair and face. The way the app works is simple. If a user sees a “Gasht-e-Ershad”, an officer of the morality police, in the street, he can upload the officer’s location to the app, then other users will be immediately warned and can change their route.

According to the above-linked article, in 2014 at least 180,000 women were arrested for “badly worn” hijabs.