Glenn Beck: Donald Trump Is A Fake Christian

Today’s installment of Infighting Is Funny comes, as it so often does, via Breitbart:

TV host Glenn Beck attacked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Thursday, saying “too many people are looking at Trump and believing that man has ever opened a Bible … that’s the biggest crock of bullcrap I’ve ever heard.” Beck, founder of, spoke at a rally in South Carolina for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I’m going to be very blunt with you tonight,” Beck said. “Donald Trump is very dangerous in my opinion.” Beck criticized those who believe that this country can be saved by a man who creates “gaudy buildings.” He argued that Trump can’t just “come in and magically fix us.” “He’s gone bankrupt four times,” Beck added. “You can’t declare bankruptcy as a country.”

The poutrage among Breitbart‘s commenters is a thing of beauty.