Ex-Gay Nutter Christopher Doyle Has The JONAH Sadz

“It’s a sad day in America when a far-left team of lawyers with deep pockets like the Southern Poverty Law Center can bully a small non-profit organization because their ideology is in line with a liberal New Jersey judge—a judge who ham-stringed JONAH’s ability to defend itself, including taking away expert witnesses, refusing to allow JONAH to argue from a religious liberty perspective and basically ordering the jury to find JONAH guilty, despite the many holes in the plaintiff’s testimony that were brought to light during the trial.

“Despite this tragedy, it will not stop the many counselors and organizations offering hope and healing for individuals, families and communities struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions. Everyone has the right to resolve unwanted desires, attractions and unmet love needs. If someone desires to work through those issues with a counselor, who are we to stop them?”

“As a counselor, I am not working to ‘convert’ anyone. Those I work with believe there are specific causes for their unwanted same-sex attractions and gender identity confusion. And I work to help them resolve those issues, affirm their sexual identity and achieve their goals.” – Christopher Doyle, via press release.

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