MAP: Who Is Out On Facebook

In recognition of this month’s National Coming Out Day and Spirit Day, Facebook has produced an analysis of its users in the United States who have identified (in various ways) as being LGBT. They write:

Examining aggregated, de-identified information about people in the U.S. on Facebook, we look at the total number of people who came out on each day. We define “coming out” as (1) updating one’s profile to express a same-gender attraction or (2) specifying a custom gender (this tool, which was introduced in February 2014, allows people to better express their gender identity on Facebook).

We report three major trends. First, consistent with popular perceptions, the last year has witnessed steady growth in the number and rate of people coming out on Facebook. Second, support for LGBT groups has likewise increased. Finally, the Supreme Court Obergefell ruling had a strong effect on the number of people coming out on Facebook and support for LGBT groups.

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