KENTUCKY: Liberty Counsel Files Motion Opposing ACLU Request For Class Action Status In Kim Davis Battle

The ACLU wants to make the Kim Davis case a class action lawsuit and the Liberty Counsel is VERY unhappy about that, telling the court that the ACLU is just trying to pump up their legal fees. Via World Net Daily:

“Unsatisfied with the status quo, plaintiffs are apparently looking to stir up controversy where it does not exist, perhaps to drive-up their own attorneys’ fees in this litigation,” Liberty Counsel wrote. The lawyers explained that anyone who wants a marriage license in Rowan County now can get one from Davis’ deputies, as Davis is guarding her religious rights by not providing them personally. So there’s no controversy there, Liberty Counsel said. A class-action suit, besides being unnecessary, would “needlessly multiply the litigation in this court while Davis’ consolidated appeals are decided by the Sixth Circuit,” the filing said. “Moreover, because plaintiffs actually possess marriage licenses before any class has been certified, they no longer have a personal stake in class certification proceedings seeking injunctive or declaratory relief.” The brief noted that the plaintiffs might not even qualify as representatives of a class because “their claims are not typical, adequate or representative of the persons they seek to represent.”

See the Liberty Counsel’s latest filing here. Equality Case files notes that the Liberty Counsel’s response to a separate ACLU suit over the altered marriage licenses is due on Tuesday.ClassAction3