Today On Breitbart

A few days ago Buzzfeed reported that Donald Trump is paying for positive coverage at Breitbart, causing the far-right site to fire back with multiple posts claiming that Buzzfeed is “in the bag” for Hillary Clinton. Here’s the latest from raving anti-gay Breitbart columnist John Nolte:

On one hand NBCUniversal is telling us it is serious about news objectivity, while on the other hand, and mostly under the radar, NBC is funneling an astonishing $400 million in capital into two of the most extreme left-wing news outlets in America: BuzzFeed and Vox. One need only watch 10 minutes of MSNBC to understand that NBC News is an extremist organization in favor of open borders, partial birth abortion, the government setting CEO pay, and destroying people’s lives through the pushing of the Climate Change hoax. Unfortunately for NBC, though, the MSNBC experiment only resulted in a ratings catastrophe. To right the ship, NBC is promising that MSNBC will be moving from opinion news to straight news. Well, when you are a big, fat, left-wing multinational making billions of free dollars though the bilking of working and middle class-Americans, you can do anything you want. It makes perfect sense, then, for NBC to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into further-weaponizing BuzzFeed and Vox — two hard-left news outlets built to protect and grow the federal government and the Democrats who share that goal.

RELATED: Yesterday NBCUniversal announced that it has become a major investor in both Vox and Buzzfeed.