Matt Barber: Satan Runs Ashley Madison

“Hypocrisy is sin. It is hypocrisy, for instance, to run around cheating on your wife, and to then self-righteously rebuke others for the sin of adultery or some other sexual depravity. But the sin being rebuked remains sin nonetheless, even when he who rebukes it is a hypocrite. Indeed, we don’t have to judge sin, because that which is sin has already been judged so, irrevocably, by the final Judge Himself, Christ Jesus. To call sin sin is not to judge, but, rather, is to merely state a fact. Here is a fact: Adultery is sin. But there is redemption available. There is redemption available for Josh Duggar. There is redemption available for these Ashley Madison tools of their father, the devil. And there is redemption available for the millions of our fellow sinners who, tragically, chose to avail themselves of this sick site’s sinful ‘service.’ While they have become fully exposed, utterly humiliated and, for many, even ruined by a most selfish and lustful ambition; total redemption is yet within reach. ‘For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord’ (Romans 6:23). Redemption is available. Eternal life is available. But they are available through Christ Jesus alone.” – Hate group leader Matt Barber, writing for World Net Daily.