Kansas: The State Of Confusion

Late yesterday Wikipedia briefly turned Kansas sapphire after Equality Kansas and others reported that state agencies had finally begun recognizing same-sex marriages. Those reports were hotly denied by the Brownback administration and Wikipedia quickly reverted Kansas to its lone holdout purple status. This morning Equality Kansas is asking for help:

We have statements from LGBT Kansans that they have either been able to get their license changed, or have been notified verbally or in writing that they may apply for their spousal benefits. Late yesterday, however, officials in Governor Brownback’s office denied this was the case. This is no longer the State of Kansas. It’s now the State of Confusion, and of continued denial of our constitutional rights. IMPORTANT: If you are going to try to update your drivers license, or access any other marriage benefit previously denied you by law, please do the following: Get the name(s) of any government officials you talk to, including their job title and contact information. Get a copy of any documents they read to you. We have heard from members that officials in government offices have been reading prepared statements justifying their denial of your rights. If possible, use your cell phone video to record any encounter that results in a denial of recognition of your marriage.

Residents are encouraged to deliver the above information to Equality Kansas.