Maggie Gallagher Has The JONAH Sadz

The Blaze is reporting that an independent film about same-sex attraction called Audacity’ had generated 130,000 views for its trailer on YouTube when the trailer was abruptly pulled by YouTube in response to user complaints. YouTube has not specifically said why the trailer was pulled, but its policies include ‘commercially deceptive’ content as a possible reason. I have not seen the trailer in question, but it occurs to me to ask: are we seeing the first fruits of a new post-JONAH strategy by the gay rights community to shut down speech? The SPLC had announced that 70 other religious nonprofits that help people with same-sex attraction live ‘nongay’ lives were in its targets. But I wonder, are these the first fruits of their victory?” – Maggie Gallagher, referring to the latest anti-gay film by banana man Ray Comfort. (Tipped by JMG reader Christopher)