PHILADELPHIA: Pam Geller Wins Battle To Place Anti-Islam Ads On Public Transit

Crackpot Pam Geller has won yet another court battle, this time against Philadelphia’s public transit system.

Last June, SEPTA rejected the ads from New Hampshire-based American Freedom Defense Initiative by pointing to the transportation authority’s “anti-disparagement standard,” rules attempting to limit inflammatory messages. But the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a pro-Israel group headed by conservative blogger Pam Geller, challenged SEPTA’s rejection in court. And she did so with momentum in her stride, as her group has fought and won similar battles from San Francisco to New York. On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Mitchell Goldberg sided with Geller, calling SEPTA’s ad restriction “certainty laudable,” but “such aspirations do not, unfortunately, cure First Amendment violations.” In an email, Geller called the decision “another historic AFDI victory.”

(Tipped by JMG reader Rudy)