Editorial Of The Day

From the editorial board of AL.com:

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to provide the final word on same-sex marriage in June; and we believe that Alabama’s Supreme Court will find its decision does not hold legal weight. Some have suggested that Alabama’s Supreme Court trumps district Federal courts. That until we have a Supreme Court ruling, we should have a temporary stay on same-sex marriages, similar to Michigan and Arkansas. However, the Supreme Court denied Alabama’s request for a stay, and that should have been the final word on the matter.

History has demonstrated that, in constitutional matters, federal courts trump state courts. Granade’s decision follows the path established by more than 60 federal district judges who have ruled on the same issue since the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down a portion of the federal Defense of Marriage Act in 2013. Since the legal framework of marriage is provided by our governments, these same governments must provide for equality. We continue to believe that, in June, the Supreme Court will rightly hold that the unalienable rights of Americans include the right to marry, for all.