The First Oops Of CPAC 2015

Carson and Scott are the only African-Americans listed as featured speakers.

UPDATE: CPAC is claiming that the Washington Post photoshopped the image.

Ross Hemminger, a spokesman for CPAC, told The Hill that the photo is “not a real thing” and that it is a “Photoshopped” image. He forwarded technical emails that claim that there’s distortion around the sides of the Scott picture that stems from the alteration, but did not specifically blame Terris. Terris pushed back on the assertion in an email to The Hill. “This morning I wanted to see what time Dr. Carson was speaking so I went to the CPAC site on my phone. I saw that his bio was accompanied by a photo of Tim Scott. So I took a screen shot of it and tweeted it out,” he said. “I can’t claim to have any idea how or why his photo was there, but I can tell you I have literally no idea how I would even go about photoshopping that.”