Invisible Thread From Witness Uganda

Clip description:

Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews, the award winning team behind the Broadway bound musical WITNESS UGANDA, blur the boundaries of real life and theater with the release of the single, “Invisible Thread.” The song was written for their show, which tells the true story of their experiences as aid workers in Africa. But here, the song takes on a more personal twist as the couple struggles to balance their careers and their life together. At the core, Griffin and Gould’s work grapples with questions central to a generation straddling their responsibilities as citizens of the world and citizens of our own communities. Griffin and Gould dedicate this song to people across the world who are fighting for their right to love who they choose. Despite our distances and political and cultural differences, we are all bound together by our struggle to love and be loved.  All proceeds from the sale of “Invisible Thread” on iTunes will benefit the education of Ugandan students in the hopes that an educated population is the best remedy for intolerance and hatred.

Now available on iTunes.