Symantec Drops LGBT Site Blocking

Web security giant Symantec has agreed to stop filtering LGBT-related sites. Via GLAAD:

GLAAD today announced that Symantec, the fourth largest software company in the world, has removed a feature that previously allowed people to block LGBT-related websites, including resources like and The Trevor Project. GLAAD worked with Symantec to make the change, which affects millions of people and businesses across the world. “Making this change was not only the right thing to do, it was a good business decision,” said Fran Rosch, executive vice president, Norton Business Unit, Symantec. “Having a category in place that could be used to filter out all LGBT-oriented sites was inconsistent with Symantec’s values and the mission of our software. Inclusion is a key factor in our company’s culture and it’s important that our products meet that same standard. We’re taking a broader look at all of the categories in this database, and will be eliminating any others that are similarly outdated.”

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