Local Haters Have The Indiana Sadz

“Today the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals sent a shocking and destructive message to Indiana lawmakers and all Hoosier citizens: Moms and Dads are optional. The 40 page decision departs from the constitutional role of the judiciary to interpret the law and instead the Court assumes a moral superiority over the people of Indiana and our elected leaders. The Court is correct that all people are capable of loving children, but it fails to realize that all the love in the world can’t turn a mother into a father or a father into a mother. Same-sex ‘marriage’ is at odds with the ideal. It harms society by encouraging more motherless and fatherless homes, when we should have fewer.

“There are societal consequences of undermining marriage, even beyond the destructive impact of more motherless and fatherless homes. Threats to marriage have already impacted religious freedom, free speech, adoption services, child custody, family law, and what children are taught in government-run schools around the country. Those problems and many more will increase in Indiana if this decision is allowed to stand. Marriage is a public policy that should be decided by the public, not the Courts. The future of marriage should be in the hands of Hoosier voters not activist judges. In February, the Indiana General Assembly robbed Hoosier voters of their ability to vote on marriage between a man and a woman on their ballot this November.” – The Indiana Family Institute, via press release.