Hate Group American Decency: We’re Not The Hate Group Protesting Michael Sam

This morning the Dallas CBS affiliate reported that a group called American Decency will be protesting against Michael Sam at this weekend’s Cowboys game. Another group calling themselves American Decency, about whom I’ve written in the past, wants you to know while they definitely hate homosexuals, they aren’t behind the alleged protest in Dallas.

We started the day with hate emails and posts on our Facebook alleging that we are behind a protest in Dallas against the Dallas Cowboys in their hiring of homosexual and homosexual activist Michael James. A few examples suffice: Jesus weeps for bigots like these idiots. There is not an ounce of human decency to be found in them. You make Christians look bad, and I am a Christian!!!! Shame on you! And, a few others that we deleted due to their vitriolic content.

In saying, this, we are not the group in Texas using the name “American Decency” headed by Jack Burkman that is being targeted as planning a protest against football player Michael Sam in Dallas this Sunday. However, let me make it clear: We at American Decency Association do support Biblical, traditional marriage. Here is our position. When Michael Sam made a big spectacle of his homosexuality on draft night it was a complete turn off! You’ll remember the contrived kiss with his “boy friend.”

On what presumably was the biggest night of his life in his development as a football player (meeting many personal goals), what was most important to draftee Michael Sam before a watching world? It was to make a statement about his sexuality not about celebrating the high athletic accomplishment of his being drafted into the National Football League (NFL). In saying all of this, I make this point: We are not the ones behind the protest, but we also do not condone the lifestyle of Michael Sam.

It appears now that anti-gay crackpot Jack Burkman lied to the Dallas CBS station, who has deleted the report that I excerpted this morning.

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