CANADA: Magazine Apologizes For Publishing Letter From Matt Barber

The managing editor of the Newfoundland Herald is profusely apologizing after a hate speech complaint was filed against the magazine for publishing a two-page letter from hate group leader Matt Barber. She says that she is an ardent supporter of LGBT rights and is mortified that Barber’s vicious screed made it into her pages. Barber is playing the martyred victim, of course, and is lying that he is now personally sought by Canadian authorities. According to the (not embeddable) video report by Canada’s NTV, Barber has sent the magazine over 100 letters, but this was the first one they published. We can presume that Barber is also blanketing countless other outlets with his hateful diatribes in the hope of creating exactly the situation that resulted in Newfoundland. Hit the first link and watch the apology.