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CANADA: Magazine Apologizes For Publishing Letter From Matt Barber

The managing editor of the Newfoundland Herald is profusely apologizing after a hate speech complaint was filed against the magazine for publishing a two-page letter from hate group leader Matt Barber. She says that she is an ardent supporter of LGBT rights and is mortified that Barber’s vicious screed made it into her pages. Barber is playing the martyred victim, …

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CANADA: Human Rights Complaint Filed After Magazine Publishes Letter From Hate Group Leader Matt Barber

A humans rights complaint has been filed against the Newfoundland Herald after it published an anti-gay screed titled The Coming Christian Revolt from hate group leader Matt Barber. Western Pride NL member Kyle Curlew, who initiated filing the complaint, said his “jaw dropped” when he first saw the two-page letter.​ “I couldn’t even believe that it was published in the …

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