Quote Of The Day – Jerry Johnson

“Because of the quality of the production and acting, viewers will enjoy watching main themes from the Noah story depicted in a powerful way on the big screen. However, my intent in reaching out to Paramount with this request was to make sure everyone who sees this impactful film knows this is an imaginative interpretation of Scripture, and not literal. Many people will go to this film and enjoy it. Christians should be ready to engage with them about the main biblical themes that are portrayed in the film, namely sin, judgment, and salvation.” – National Religious Broadcasters president Jerry Johnson, announcing that Paramount Pictures has agreed to his demand that they issue a disclaimer about the movie Noah.

Here is Paramount’s disclaimer, which will now appear in the film’s trailer and in other marketing materials: “The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.”