Channel 4 Interviews Scott Lively

Britain’s very gay-friendly Channel 4 yesterday broadcast the below interview with Scott Lively. The interviewer confronted Lively about his responsibility for Uganda’s brutal anti-gay crackdown:

When I went on to point out that the President Obama is “wholeheartedly” against this legislation, Dr Lively chuckled and said: “I think Obama may as well be a homosexual himself. He is certainly a radical homosexualist – meaning a person, whether they are homosexual or not, meaning a person who is 100 per cent invested in the homosexual agenda.” Rather perplexed by his unexpected comment, I said; “So you think Obama is a homosexual?” He replied: “I think he may be.” I asked Dr Lively what his view was based upon and he referred to an article on an online site, World Net Daily. When I asked if he thought President Obama was part of the gay agenda, he replied: “Anyone who is trying to break down the protections for the natural family and legitimize sexual perversion is complicit in the recruitment of children.”

That World Net Daily article, of course, was based on deranged claims by Chicago homocon blogger Kevin DuJan.  Watch the video.