UTAH: Discredited Researcher Mark Regnerus Files Tenth Circuit Court Brief

Discredited researcher Mark Regnerus today filed a brief with the Tenth Circuit Court in support of Utah’s defense of its ban on same-sex marriage. Another familiar name on the Utah brief is Professor Douglas Allen, of Canada’s Simon Fraser University. Allen sits
on the board of directors of NOM’s former hate-satellite, the Ruth Institute.
Allen is a supporter of Regnerus and claims to have analyzed a 2000
census and come to the conclusion that “children being raised by same-sex couples are 35% less likely to make normal progress through school.”

Also signing the brief is Professor Joseph Price from Utah’s Brigham Young University.  Last year Price and four other (presumably Mormon) members of the
Brigham Young social sciences faculty filed an anti-gay SCOTUS brief
against the overturn of DOMA.  Their brief denounced the APA’s position
that gay people make fine parents. From the brief: “Boys who do not
regularly experience the love, discipline, and modeling of a good father
are more likely to engage in what is called ‘compensatory masculinity’
where they reject and denigrate all that is feminine and instead seek to
prove their masculinity by engaging in domineering and violent
behavior.” In other words, lesbian parents produce violent boys.

Read the full Utah brief. (Via Equality Case Files)

RELATED: All three of the above have been called as “expert witnesses” by the state of Michigan in its defense of a marriage equality lawsuit. Last week the plaintiffs in the Michigan case filed a motion to exclude Regnerus from testifying. That motion has not yet been ruled upon.

ALSO RELATED: Regnerus’ anti-gay studies have been cited in numerous US-based cases and have also been quoted from in foreign countries that are using his work to support brutal anti-gay legislation.