CNN Panel On The N-Word & F-Word

Mediaite‘s Josh Feldman recaps the show:

They first tackled the n-word, with Don Lemon saying “you shouldn’t use that word like a pronoun” and Charles Blow admitting his conflicting feelings on the use of that particular word, even when used among young black youths. Lemon pointed out that it’s not just black youths, but also young white people who feel it’s okay to use that word. As for Baldwin, HuffPost’s Noah Michaelson argued Baldwin’s not necessarily homophobic, but then questioned why Baldwin’s mind automatically jumps to that word when he’s trying to insult someone. Morgan admitted in the second segment he wasn’t aware that “cocksucking” was an anti-gay phrase to begin with. He asked why gay men would want to use a phrase that’s been used to denigrate them. Michaelson said it’s about “reclaiming language,” while Lemon admitted that the word does not offend him because “if that’s the first and last thing that you can reach, then I’ve already won the argument.”

Advisory: No words are bleeped. You might want headphones if you’re at work. It’s a longish clip, but worth your time.