Magic Johnson Tells Anderson Cooper: I’m The Blessing And The Curse Of HIV

Last night Magic Johnson talked to Anderson Cooper about the paradox presented by living with HIV for 22 years in the public eye, which has prompted many Americans to get tested but has also led some to discount the very real dangers of the virus. Johnson: “They say ‘Oh, HIV is nothing. I can be like Magic. He’s doing good.'” Johnson goes on to laud the gay community for its HIV education campaigns, but laments that the same is not being done in the black and Latino communities.

In the second half of the clip Johnson praises his openly gay son and denounces those that criticize him for loving his son just as he is. Johnson: “Yes, I go to church. I’m a Christian. But at the same time, you know, this is reality. My son is gay. That’s reality. Nothing’s going to change. And I tell pastors that. I tell black Christians who come after me, ‘Hey, I love my son. Nothing’s gonna change that. I don’t care if you don’t agree and you don’t wanna deal with me or don’t like me. That’s on you. Tell me when it hits your own family.'”