IOC: We’re Using Quiet Diplomacy

International Olympic Committee vice president Ng Ser Miang yesterday told the press that the IOC is using “quiet diplomacy” with Russia to ensure that attendees of the Sochi Olympics are not affected by the “homosexual propaganda” ban.

Ng, an IOC vice president from Singapore, said Vladimir Putin’s government has much at stake in the 2014 Olympics and won’t want to do anything that jeopardizes the success of Russia’s first Winter Games. “The IOC has made a very strong point that they will be against any action that would discriminate against participants at the Sochi Games, whether it’s officials, media, visitors or the athletes,” Ng said. Russia recently introduced a law that bans so-called “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” and imposes hefty fines on those holding gay pride rallies. Ng said Jean-Claude Killy, chairman of the IOC’s coordination commission for Sochi, has been in talks with the “highest authority in Russia” to resolve the issue. “I believe there will be a good solution to that,” Ng told reporters in London. “I believe that this issue will be resolved to the satisfaction of all.”