Headline Of The Day

Raw Story reports:

Randy Thomasson, the head of a group that opposes LGBT rights, made sure to insult a transgender man after being invited on television by CNN. “Thomasson’s attempt to disrespect my own gender identity by referring to me as a ‘lady’ said more about him than me (I’m no lady, and clearly he is no gentleman),” Masen Davis, the Executive Director of the Transgender Law Center, told Raw Story. “I am comfortable in my own skin, and proud of my journey as a transgender man. I have heard, though, from many transgender people and allies who are very upset by his shallow attempt to mis-gender me. Failing to honor the gender identity of a transgender person is a common way for anti-equality zealots to try to undermine our credibility and humanity.” Thomasson, the president of SaveCalifornia.com, appeared alongside Davis on CNN Tuesday afternoon to discuss California’s new transgender student rights law.

Here’s the clip.