USPS Suspends Service To Chicago Frat House After Racist & Homophobic “Prank”

The Postal Service has suspended mail service to the University of Chicago’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity after a racist and homophobic “prank” was pulled on a mailman.

Postal carrier Iran Becton said about a week after Memorial Day he had an order to deliver dozens of postal supply boxes to the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at 56th Street and University on campus. The Sun-Times Mary Mitchell reports, it took Becton six or seven trips to deliver the packages until one of the fraternity members told Becton to read the name on the order “Reggin Toggaf” backwards. Reversing the names, the first name is a racial slur. The last name is a slur for gay men.

Phi Delta Theta’s chapter president claims that a rival fraternity is to blame. The University of Chicago is working with the USPS to identify the culprit and has issued a statement calling the incident “deplorable.”