Scott Lively Applauds Uganda (Again)

“In March of this year I had the privilege of
addressing members of the Ugandan parliament in their national assembly
hall when the anti-homosexuality law was just being considered. I
urged them to pattern their bill on some American laws regarding
alcoholism and drug abuse. I cited my own pre-Christian experience
being arrested for drunk driving. I was given and chose the option of
therapy which turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I
also cited the policy in some U.S. jurisdictions regarding marijuana. 

“Criminalization of the drug prevents its users from promoting it, and discourages non-users from starting, even while the law itself is very
lightly enforced, if at all. Additionally, I urged them to actively
promote the marriage model in their schools as a form of inoculation to
the anti-family messages flooding their country through Western media.  All of my suggestions were ignored (despite which fact I am being
blamed for the proposed law as written by certain major media outlets
and the ‘gay’ blogosphere.) Nevertheless, I commend the courage of the
Ugandan people.” – Hate group crackpot Scott Lively, who adds that he now hopes Uganda removes the death penalty from the proposed bill he inspired. Because prison and forced reeducation camps are what Jesus would want.