Ted Nugent Linked To Eugene Delgaudio

The national media is going nuts today on the news that Ted Nugent, who has threatened to kill the president, will attend tonight’s State Of The Union address as a guest of Texas GOP Rep. Steve Stockman, who has called for Obama’s impeachment over gun control.  Stockman’s spokesman, Donny Ferguson (left), yesterday promised that Nugent won’t bring guns to the Capitol and will be “fun and respectable.”  Ferguson added that Stockman will be live-tweeting the address with the hashtag #YouLie and probably won’t heckle the president verbally from his seat.

Donny Ferguson’s name rang a bell for JMG reader Blair, who tips us that he used to be the right-hand man for Virginia crackpot and anti-gay hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio.   The blog Real Loudoun wrote about Ferguson in November:

Donny Ferguson, former aide to as yet unindicted Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), is the subject of a fascinating investigative story by PBS Frontline showing how Donny has applied the lessons of dirty politics, smear campaigns, and dubiously legal fundraising pioneered by his mentor Delgaudio. Donny, as many Loudoun residents know, is the mastermind of periodic sleazy robocalls which attempt to spread dirt on candidates just before an election. Because his “American Tradition Partnership” claims to be a “social welfare non-profit” organization, it is allowed only to “educate” voters on “issues,” not endorse candidates. It is illegal for such organizations to coordinate with campaigns.

It’s a full circle of crackpottery.