Quote Of The Day – Pamela Geller

Why did Anderson Cooper cancel my appearance and instead victimize Melanie Oberg, subjecting her to the scorn and derision of a subjective audience, not to mention that of the notoriously Islamophilic Cooper (whose enthusiasm for Islamic supremacism confounds me: as a gay man he should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anti-Shariah activists). Why did Anderson Cooper have room for only one person who opposed the show on principle? Why couldn’t he have put together a panel that included an equal number of people on either side? Why was Anderson Cooper afraid to have me or any other seasoned counter-jihadists on the show? [snip] Was he afraid that people might hear and consider the truth? What a snake.” – NYC-based nutjob blogger and “Sharia Law” opponent Pamela Geller, complaining to World Net Daily.