Email Of The Day – Eugene Delgaudio

“Dear Joe, The radical Homosexual Lobby is taking over! State by state, they are sweeping through our nation and making a mockery of the holy institution of marriage by forcing their perverted version of marriage on God-fearing Americans. And do you know the Homosexual Lobby’s ultimate goal? The complete eradication of marriage and morality in our nation.

“They want every pastor, priest and chaplain forced to go against their creed and unite two men in an unholy ‘matrimony’. The Homosexual Lobby knows you hold the Gog-given institution of marriage close and they want nothing more than to strip it from your hands and twist it to their own depraved image.” – Eugene Delgaudio, Supervisor for Loudon County, Virginia and self-proclaimed Public Advocate of the United States. (And yes, he wrote “Gog.”)