ADF Vs. ACLU On Internet Filters

The anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund has entered the long-running battle to get public school systems to stop blocking websites that are useful to LGBT students. According to an ADF letter sent to several school districts, administrators are within their legal rights to ignore ACLU demands to lift the bans. Via the Christianist news outlet, OneNewsNow:

The ACLU is presently suing several school districts about the issue. “School districts shouldn’t be bullied into exposing students to sexually explicit materials,” argues ADF attorney David Cortman, adding that the ACLU’s “Don’t Filter Me Initiative” would be better named the “Public School Porn Initiative.” “That’s because the ACLU is pushing its radical sexual agenda for children by intimidating school districts with a long string of scare tactics,” he continues. “These are just disguised as a concern over censorship, but in truth these school districts have no obligation to cave to the ACLU’s unwarranted demands.”

Because GLSEN and P-FLAG are actually porn sites. Yup.