Real Christians Love Oil Wells

Last week a group of “leftist” Christian environmentalists, including gay activist Dan Choi, were arrested outside the White House in a protest over a proposed massive oil pipeline from Canada to Texas. But according to a spokesman for the Alliance For The Stewardship Of Creation, those protesters aren’t real Christians.

“They profess to believe the Bible,” he points out. “Well, the Bible tells them that they’re supposed to obey the governing authorities unless those governing authorities either require them to do what God forbids or forbids them to do what God requires — and that has not happened. So they are actually disobeying scripture by doing this.” Beisner believes the protesters are seeking media attention. “They oppose the provision of affordable, abundant, and reliable energy, and they do that frankly because they don’t want human beings to prosper,” he explains. “They want our economy to shrink because they think that our good, productive economy is harmful to the environment — and on that they’re just flat-out wrong.”