Daily Grumble

In full realization of how very cliched this post is, I must nevertheless denounce the Sales Prevention Team at the Best Buy on East 86th Street for the most aggravating purchase experience I’ve ever had. I can totally say without hyperbole that that place is a million times worse than Hitler. As I was told, because of “the shrink”, one can only buy computer-related items at the single computer department register, where they hold your purchase hostage while the exasperated 17 year old clerk deals with a long line of argumentative idiots who have clearly never bought an item that requires electricity. I walked in knowing what I wanted, where it was, that it was in stock, and yet there I stood for 63 minutes. I would have left but I was hypnotized by the statuesque woman in the floor-length mink barking out insults at her follow customers. “Rebates come in the mail, dumbshit, not from the girl!” “You don’t BUY a virus, moron!” “She already told you twice about the warranty, you deaf fuck.” Seriously, if I only had my camera, she’d be a YouTube hero. Her rant at the woman who was worried that her new laptop wouldn’t have enough memory to hold the internet? Viral city. Anyway, you may commence ridiculing me for shopping at Best Buy. I knew better, but I rolled the dice because it’s close.